Thursday, October 3, 2019

Why Health Insurance Is Important?


Why Health Insurance Is Important?
Why Health Insurance Is Important?

First of all, we need to understand what is health insurance? In this article I am going to write about what is health insurance, how can you take it, why it is important and best way to take life insurance in India but my main focus of this article is  about "Why health insurance is important"
  • Q.What Is Insurance?
  • Ans. Insurance is not a simple topic that I can explain it in a simple sentence. But is can write it in a simple sentence that you can understand it very easily. Basically, I can tell you in a simple language is that "Insurance is the way that you can protect yourself and your valuable assets and save yourself from financial crashes and also money losses. There are many companies in India that providing us the best health insurance policies. After taking their policies we can protect us from many kinds of money losses also from financial crashes. 
  • Q.What Is Health Insurance?
  • Ans. Health Insurence is a way that we can protect us from health-related issues such as accident, diseases like Ex. if anyone who take health insurance. And his/her get any kind of diseases such as cancer or any other harmful disease then the insurance company will pay his/her or medical expenses and also medical bills holder no need to pay there bill itself. If anyone who did not take any kind of health insurance then if he gets any kind of diseases such as cancer or anything then he/she have to pay their bills from there pocket.
  • Q.Why Health Insurance Is Important?
  • Ans. Health Insurance in important for every individual for a safe and risk-free life. Because we don't know about our future life what is going to happen with our health. So if we have already taken health insurance then we can fight from our health expenses with the help of health insurance. That's why health insurance is important. If we have not taken health insurance then my we have to face so some financial crashes because of bad health or any dangerous diseases.
  • Q.What If We Don't Take Health Insurance?
  • Ans. It's simple if you do not take health insurance. Then if you got an accident and you get highly injured because of the accident and then you need a high amount of money. Then you have to pay all of your hospital bills from your pocket. Nobody will help you to pay that bill. and may your hospital bill is more than your budget than you may face a financial crash.
  • Q.What If We Take Health Insurance?
  • Ans. It's also simple if you face any accident and you have to admit in the hospital. Because of any kind of accident than all medical expenses will be payable by the health insurance company. you no need to pay any kind of money from your bank. But listen all will happen according to your insurance terms and conditions and company promises.

  • Q. How Health Insurance Works?
  • Ans. If you contact to your insurance company agent. Then he will introduce some health insurance plan you have to choose one according to your need then he will explain all about that plan. Then if any accident happens with you than all expenses will be paid by the insurance company you just have to claim it according to your plan and terms and conditions.
Q. How Many Types Of Insurance Plans?
  • Accident Cover
  • Critical Illness
  • Pure Health Insurance/Mediclaim
  1. Accident Cover- If you have taken this insurance plan. Then you got an accident and by this, you got some injuries. Then you won't be able to go to your office than after your claim insurance company will give some big amount for your home and help you to continue doing your house expenses normally. The best part is the accident cover plan premium is very low to pay. So you can pay for it easily. This plan helps you in case of disability. Some company also offer monthly payment in this case.
  2. Critical Illness- If you have taken 25Lakhs cover than some illness will be covered. Such as cancer, heart attack, tumor, etc. Then, in this case, the company do not see. How many bills will payable and what your expenses because you have taken 25Lakh illness plan. Then when the company see your report of the hospital about your illness. Then they will directly give you 25Lakh rupees in one time. After that, you have to pay all your expenses from the given money. So a critical illness policy we should take because we do not have to give hospital bill or your expanses proofs just yout checkup report is enough.
  3. Pure Health Insurance/Mediclaim- This plan is for your hospital expenses, medicines, and doctors fees. this will help you in the case when you need to stay more than one day in the hospital for your treatment. And also some days after when you leave the hospital and go home but your medicine is still going than the health insurance company will pay for your medical expenses. So that will help you to fight with the bills of Hospital, Doctors Bill, and Medicines Also.
Final Words.
All Details Are Given On This Site Is Not 100% Accurate And Fixed. So Do Research And Inquiry In Your Level To Gain More Info. About This. Please Ask Health Insurance Company And Confirm All The Details.