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Best Car Insurance In India!


Best Car Insurance In India!
Best Car Insurance In India!
What Is Car Insurance?
Vehicle insurance protects us from any kind of loss, damage, and accidents. In this, we make a contract with the insurance company. in this insurance, we have to pay the insurance premium and in return, the company pays our all accidents and damages. auto insurance company according to agreement they give property, liability, and medical coverage. Some Companies offer us insurance to secure any kind of future problem with your car. if you take insurance from any company then they will provide you full securance of your car. (Read Full article for more information)  if your car gets any kind of accident. there are three types of car insurance. first is (First Party) And Second is (First Party Zero Dept Insurance) and third is (Third Party Insurance)

1.First-Party Insurance
2.First Party Zero Dept Insurance
3.Third-Party Insurance

First-Party Insurance: If your car gets any kind of dent in the body or your car's mirror gets broken, If anyone gets an accident from your car and he/she claims money from you than the insurance company will pay for this. But not all the amount they will give some percentage of your money some money you have to pay. 

First Party Zero Dept Insurance: If you get an accident and you get to the hospital than all money will be payable by the Car insurance company. you no need to pay a single amount from your company will pay the full amount of your damage your hospital bills and if your mirror gets broken or car body get any kind of scratches than your car repairing cost and everything will pay by insurance company. 

Third-Party Insurance: This car Insurance is for common people. if form your car anybody gets an accident and he/she died and he claims money than the full claimed amount will payable by the insurance company.

Now the question is.

Que- Which Insurance we should take?
Ans- It totally depends on you. if you have good space for car parking or you do not use your car too much then you should take third party car insurance, If  you've  given your car on rant than you should take First Party Zero Dept Insurance, If any of you work car that is used by many people at same time then you can take First Party Insurance.

Why Insurance Is Important?
In case we got an accident and you are not able to move from your bad or died in an accident than an insurance company will help by giving you a good amount to your family. if you do not take insurance then after your death your family doesn't have money than they will get in a problem after your death in a car accident so its good to take insurance for your car.

Top Best Car Insurance Companies: 
  • 1.Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • 2.Tata AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • 3.The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd.
Bajaj Allianz has a large number of customers and they provide the best service in India. these are some facilities that Bajaj Allianz Provide - Doorstep surveyor facility, online purchase, instant message of all types of notification, cashless, anytime available customer service for you 365 in a year. that puts this company on top of my list.

Tata AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd.
This is the second recommended company from our list. that also provides us the best service. these are some facilities that car Tata AIG provides us such as- free vehicle pickup, warranty on repairs, cashless, on-time pick up, claim statement in 7 days, other addons.

The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.
This is the third recommended insurance company by us. you can also go with that company if this company is filling your requirements. these are some facilities which this company is providing such as- appointment just in 3 days, claim insurance in 3 days after approval, cashless settlement, fast claim.

How To Choose Best Car Insurance Policy?

Almost all insurer provide cashless facilities.
Both: Public and private sector company. it doesn't matter if you take from agent, insurance broker car dealer, or online so don't confuse.

5 Key Things:
1. IDV/ Insured Declared Value 
2. Excess / Deductible
3. Add-on Covers
4. NCB/ No Claim Bonus
5. Take Written Quotation & Check Details

IDV/ Insured Declared Value.
Idv is the value that the price is declared. it means the insurance company will not give more than IDV  value. simply that price is the current market value of your car. if you think this value is low then you can increase it 5% - 10% at the time of policy renewal. your insurance premium value is linked with IDV so if it is low then your policy will low and if it is high then your policy will high. as much your car is getting old then your IDV will also get low. this value is according to your car showroom and its age.

Excess / Deductible.
Keep in mind this is which amount that you have to pay from your pocket on every claim. when you claim than the company will settle by cutting this amount. if you increase excess than policy will decrease. 

Add-on Covers.
It is that cover which you take by paying an additional premium. you can choose it on your demands such as- zero depreciation cover, return to invoice, engine protection, consumable cover, quick assistant, key replacement, daily cash allowance, NCB protection PA to Unnamed Passenger Etc.  

NCB/ No Claim Bonus.
If you have taken any car insurance and you have not claimed any amount full year according to NCB than you can get a discount and that discount will increase by every unclaimed year. Just you have to take care that is clearly mentioned in your NCB. normally it is mentioned in all NCB but some companies do not mention in their NCB. if that is not mentioned then you can ask your company to mention.

Take Written Quotation & Check Details.
5th most important thing is if you talk on the phone to the company than ask them for a written mail and keep in mind all details of the car are correctly given such as registration number, your name, make and model, engine no. and chassis number, and year of manufacturing.

Final Words.
All details are given on this site is not 100% accurate so please don't trust blindly. Please ask your company to verify the information